Lake Daylesford

A stroll around it, a swim in it or spot of lunch at one of the restaurants on offer. Lake Daylesford is perfect for a relaxing afternoon during your visit to Daylesford.

Lake Daylesford is located in the very heart of town within 5 minute walking distance from the restaurants and shops of Vincent Street, the main street in Daylesford. The lake is man made and initially created in 1927. Before that it was the site of a (not so lucrative) gold mine.

If you walk (or run!) the perimeter of the lake on the Lerderderg Track it’s about 2.5km of easy walking surrounded by the most beautiful countryside and wildlife. All paths are clear and mostly even, so this walk is accessible for all ages.

Limited parking is available at the Lake Daylesford Carpark, however that does fill up quickly on busy days. If you can’t find a spot in the car park, I recommend driving a bit further up on Leggat Street where there is ample parking. From here you can follow the path down directly to the lake.

Not far from Leggat Street, is the Lake Daylesford Swimming Jetty. The lake is a perfect place for a swim on a warm summer day with a small beach area on one side and a jetty to jump off at the other side.

if you continue walking on the Lerderderg Track, you’ll pass one of the many natural springs in the area. You’ll recognise the pumps from a distance. Give it a try and taste some of the natural spring water.


If the walk has made you thirsty or if you are after a spot of lunch, you will have an overwhelming choice of restaurants and cafes available. Directly at the lake, next to the carpark, you’ll find the Boathouse and Splinters Cafe. Reservations are required for the boathouse and they are generally fully booked. Fear not, if you walk 5 minutes further you will have all restaurants and cafe’s on Vincent Street to choose from like Hotel Frangos, Panchos and Winespeake.

Lake Daylesford is also home to the well known hotel and restaurant Lakehouse.  Reservations for Lakehouse are required well in advance.

Dog Friendly

Lake Daylesford is just perfect for a walk with your dog. While the whole lake is an on-lead area, there are always plenty of furry friends around to play with. Please note that the Boathouse is not dog friendly.

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Don't forget to book!

Restaurants in Daylesford book out well in advance, especially on weekends so make sure you book before you come for your weekend in Daylesford.