Trentham Falls

There are many waterfalls in the region around Victoria but Trentham Falls is one of the most famous. The falls plunge 32 metres into the Coliban River below, and they’re a stunning sight, especially in winter and spring when they’re at their peak after rainfall. The falls are also an easy walk from the carpark and a short drive to Trentham. Dogs may be taken on a lead, but not permitted at the falls area. The local landmark pub is the Cosmopolitan Hotel

Trentham Falls is a waterfall located in the Coliban River Scenic Reserve, in the north-western region of Victoria, Australia. The waterfall is approximately 32 metres (105 feet) high, making it the longest single drop waterfall in Victoria.

It’s a short drive from Trentham town centre and a great place to unwind after exploring this historic gold-mining town.

The Falls are an easy walk from the carpark. Once you’ve parked up, follow the track down to where you can see the falls. It’s very straightforward from there – just keep following this path until you get to some large rocks overlooking the falls themselves.

If you want to go further than just viewing them, there’s also a longer hike that will take you through the bushland (which offers excellent views of Trentham Falls).

The Falls are located in the Coliban River Scenic Reserve, which makes for great day-hiking opportunities if you’re interested in getting more out of your trip than just looking at waterfalls!

Trentham Falls is a short drive north of Trentham, about 100km from Melbourne. It is located on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, in Victoria’s Central Highlands.

Trentham is about 5km north of Daylesford and about 80km north of Castlemaine. It is also about 100km south of Bendigo. There is plenty of parking available at the car park, as well as toilets and a break area.

Dog Friendly

The park is a dog-friendly place, as long as they are on the lead.  Dogs are permitted in the carpark, but not allowed to swim in the falls area. They are welcome at the picnic area and toilets.


If you are in the area, don’t miss this spectacular fall. It is located within a beautiful reserve with walking and bike tracks and is an ideal spot for a picnic.

After your visit to Trentham Falls, why not stop off at one of the many local wineries or perhaps enjoy lunch at one of the many cafes in town?

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is a local landmark. It’s a pub, and you can find it in Trentham. A short drive from the falls, this is a great place to have a meal and some drinks after visiting the waterfalls. They’ve got a good range of drinks on offer including local wines, ciders and beer.

Walk to Trentham Falls from Trentham

If you’re up for a hike, you may want to park your car in Trentham and walk the 3km each way from Trentham to Trentham Falls. Now unfortunately for large components of this walk, you will be walking on the side of the road as the this area doesn’t have footpaths.

Park near the Cosmopolitan Hotel and head on the High Street towards the Trentham Sports Ground Reserve. Follow the road and the High Street becomes the Falls Road, follow this all the way along the Trentham Golf Club. At the end you will hit the Trentham Falls Road, turn right here. Now be careful as this is a major thoroughfare in the area.

After about 5 minutes, you will see the entrance of the Trentham Falls Scenic Reserve on your left. After turning left, you will find the car park and entrance to the viewing platform at the end of the road.

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