The Lake House Restaurant, Daylesford

Lake House Restaurant is a luxurious daylesford destination. It has been awarded two chefs hats from the National Good Food Guide since its launch decades ago, and has become an iconic Daylesford destination in the process.

Lake House Restaurant is a luxurious Daylesford destination, renowned for its exceptional dining experience and stunning location on the shores of Lake Daylesford. Since its launch decades ago, the restaurant has consistently been awarded two chefs hats from the National Good Food Guide, solidifying its status as an iconic culinary gem in the region.

The heart of the Lake House Restaurant’s success lies in the vision of its Culinary Director, Alla Wolf-Tasker AM. With a strong belief in supporting local growers and suppliers, Alla ensures that the restaurant’s menu reflects the seasons and emphasizes locally sourced produce. Guests can savor farm-to-table delicacies that are both delicious and environmentally conscious.

Diners have the option to choose from an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner, or they can indulge in a delightful degustation experience available during lunchtime only. The menu, priced at $185 per person for a 4-course a la carte selection, offers a diverse range of culinary delights that will undoubtedly impress even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

One of the most enticing features of the Lake House Restaurant is its spectacular outdoor deck, which provides guests with breathtaking views of the lake and its serene surroundings. The combination of delectable cuisine and picturesque scenery creates an unforgettable dining atmosphere that captivates visitors time and time again.

Reservations at the Lake House Restaurant are in high demand, so guests are encouraged to plan ahead and book early to secure their spot. Reservations can be made conveniently through the restaurant’s online portal on their website. For those who find availability limited, there is also the option to join the waitlist for potential openings.


Private Dining

Private dining at the Lake House Restaurant is an exclusive experience for larger groups. The Cellar, with its impressive wine collection of up to 10,000 bottles, can accommodate up to 14 people. For larger gatherings, the Waterfront Pavilion overlooking the lagoon and the Terrace Room with a private bar and fireplace can host between 40 and 150 guests.

Hotel Accommodation

For travelers seeking an extraordinary stay in Daylesford, the Lake House Hotel offers luxurious accommodations that are second to none. Guests can choose from two types of studios, Lodge Studios, and Waterfront Pool Studios, as well as three types of suites, Lodge Suites, Waterfront Suites, and The Sutton Suite, each thoughtfully designed and adorned with unique artwork curated by late owner and artist in residence, Allan Wolf-Tasker.


Room Types

The hotel offers two types of studios, Lodge Studios and Waterfront Pool Studios, three type of suites, Lodge Suites, Waterfront Suites and The Sutton Suite as well as seperate accommodation at The Retreat.

The majority of the rooms that are on offer are in the “lodge” or “waterfront” categories and the major difference is the location of the room. As the name suggests, all waterfront rooms are located overlooking Lake Daylesford  and offer a balcony or patio to take in the country air. The lodge rooms are located on the other side of the building, offering a patio or balcony with views facing into the hotel grounds.

Key difference between a Studio and a Suite is in design and space. All suites have been individually designed with unique artwork, created or curated by owner and artist in residence Allan Wolf-Tasker. In addition, the suites feature a seperate living area with dining table, where studios just provide arm chairs. This is something to think about when choosing your package, as some include a room service dinner.

The Retreat is seperate from the hotel but located on the grounds of the hotel behind a discreet gate and includes two seperate villas, The Spa Villa and The Atrium Villa. Essentially all people love about staying at The Lake House but with some additional luxury and privacy.

Rates & Packages

As mentioned, booking hotel accommodation is one of the only and definitely quickest way to get yourself a reservation for the lake house restaurant as every rate and package includes at least a four course a la carte dinner and a country style breakfast.

Most weekends have a minimum 2-night stay, but on midweek days you can often still find a one night stay. The Lake House offers a number of package rates for each of their rates:

Lake House Time Out

  • Two nights accommodation.
  • Four course a la carte dinner on one night.
  • Daily breakfast.
  • Complimentary in-room mini bar.
  • Visit and tour of Dairy Flat Farm.

Lake House Gourmet Escape

  • As per the Time out package but with a room service dinner on the second night including cocktails, three courses dinner and wine.

Lake House Signature 

  • As per the Time out package but with a four course dinner in the main Lake House Restaurant on both nights.

The Lake House is exclusively bookable via their own reservations team or website which you can find here. Pricing for one night, including a four course meal for two start at $1800.

With its reputation for culinary excellence, picturesque surroundings, and luxurious accommodations, the Lake House in Daylesford offers visitors a truly unforgettable experience that satisfies all the senses. For an exclusive dining adventure, a relaxing staycation, or a combination of both, the Lake House is the epitome of indulgence and relaxation in the heart of Daylesford. To secure a reservation for this iconic Daylesford destination, guests can book directly through the restaurant’s own reservations team or via their website.

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